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*for women and girls only
*option A- recorded online classes + live Zoom follow-up webinars
*option B- mp3  recordings +follow-up teleconference 
*option C- Lakewood and Brooklyn live classroom setting 

* 1 hour overview + 25 sessions
* each session 1- 2 hours, once a week

*course fee- 600$ / monthly payment installments option
*sliding scale available

* a philosophical exploration as well as an experiential platform, which will cover the following:

Kol Kallah- who is the Kallah? What is her voice?
An Understanding of Tefillah
Tefillah-an Exploration of All Forms and their Accomplishments
Deveikus -Access and Align with Higher Self and live from There

    Shechinah- Olam Katon and Olam Gadol 
Self-Esteem- Knowing Yourself
Emunah- just Knowing
Tikkun haMiddos- the Ease of Fixing from There
Bein Adam l'Chaveiro- Knowing One 
Hiskalelus v'Hiskashrus- Binding with All
Koach HaMoshech- Affecting All
   Understanding Moshiach
    What Moshiach told the Besht 
  The Cosmic Couple and its Mirror
  The Rise of the Moon
  Lecha Dodi Realized
 All material covered is taken from sifrei kodesh, Mussar and Chassidus- ancient as Shulchan Aruch, Midrash, Arizal, Ramchal,  Vilna contemporary as Michtav M'Eliyahu, R' Shlomo Wolbe ztzl, R' Moshe Shapiro ztzl, and l'bchl R' Moshe Wolfson shlita among many others.

Course: Welcome
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