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Thank you for letting me join. It was FANTASTIC. Sometimes when I listen to a shiur, I listen and li

 Profound ideas were presented in clear, understandable language. We learned as much in that hour as we'd studied in several years of baffling 
Torah classes. We felt our spiritual growth happening the whole time... it left us hungry for more. She can foster deep, rapid spiritual growth....

Yocheved G.


Thank you for letting me join.
It was FANTASTIC. Sometimes when I listen to a shiur, I listen and listen and here and there I hear something that makes me sing, some chiddush, some  wonderful sod....
I felt this throughout your session,  it was CONSISTENTLY pleasurable!



Thank you- I loved the shiur. Your words about rising up into our Higher Selves (through tefillah) and thereby bringing Geulah to the world resonated very deeply with me. I am very much looking forward to next week's session- the only drawback is that I have to wait an entire week for it...
Dina B.


Aidy is a powerful teacher. She has mastered 
  the art of bringing esoteric Jewish concepts into clarity and ease of understanding . Her Emunah and enthusiasm are contagious. 



Aidy Nussbaum, originally from Brooklyn NY where she taught high school Limudei Kodesh for many years, is the daughter of HaRav Shimon and Reb. Baila Susholz ztzl. It was from their  living and breathing "Ein Od Milvado"  that her teachings were born.

She now resides in Lakewood NJ, where she has alternated between continuing her teaching career, art and dance instructor, co-founding and directing Yad Rochel (an organization geared towards assisting postpartum women), and Oorah Torahmates coordinator- while raising her beautiful family  remained her top priority.
Now that they are Boruch Hashem all grown, with most of her children and grandchildren living in Eretz Yisroel, she is devoted to what she believes is her mission: teaching, mentoring and empowering women and girls with deeper Torah which will b'ezras Hashem open the doors to their exquisite potential, realizing their own unique Light and sharing it with the world. This is, in fact, one of the definitions of Gilui Shechinah, and is in itself part of the ushering in of Moshiach - may we merit to manifest this speedily.

Mrs. Aidy Nussbaum   Founder

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