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Kumi, Ohri

When the world began the Ohr Ein Sof, Hashem's endless Light, permeated all. Adam and Chava possessed this Light within their iridescent beings- their Essence rippling outward, giving life and definition to each mirrored layer- intellectual, emotional, physical... But after cheit eitz haDaas this all-encompassing Light was concealed, and night enveloped the earth. Where is this Ohr haGanuz? The sefarim tell us it was hidden within three places- the neiros Chanukah, the Torah, and Mankind. As a result, Adam and Chava's Ohr switched from Light (spelled with an alef) to skin (spelled with an ayin), the opacity blinding them from what lies beneath the surface,  from connecting to their deepest Self and its Source. An empty space was born within them. 


And ever since then our task has been to  find the empty space and turn it into a Mikdash. Just as Betzalel was instructed to craft the aron "babayis u'bachutz", inside (and then) out,  we each have been implored to craft ourselves likewise- access our innermost chamber and fill our keilim, the different parts of who we are, from there. 


The sefarim tell us Moshiach will come "kimah kimah", bit by bit, and that the closer we get the more the klalos of eitz haDaas are diminished.  As Moshiach is descending upon us, the Ohr haGanuz is tip-toeing out of its hiding places. The Hidden Light of Torah is bursting to come out in its fullness, and we, like Adam in Gan Eden, are starving to breathe life into all our layers-  our multifaceted beings and the all-encompassing Torah can now mirror each other, and each yearns to gather the other in...


Our goal at KumiOhri is to accomplish just this- access and align with our Higher Selves and live from there.   Come explore philosophically why and experientially how we  each can  - and must -  awaken our neshama, our Kavod, and  thereby awaken the Dawn of Redemption.

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